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New Book Just Released! The CIO’s Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance

CoverJust a quick post to announce the release of CEO Mike Hannan’s first book, with co-authors Wolfram Müller and Hilbert Robinson! The Kindle eBook version is set to be released August 7, with hardcover and paperback versions due in early September.  Update 8/7: click here for the Amazon link to the Kindle eBook!

Founder of Speed4Projects.net, Wolfram Müller is a brilliant amalgamator of hyper-productive software-development project portfolio methods, and Hilbert Robinson is one of the world’s leading experts in Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), as well as an exceptional consultant and genius problem solver. CCPM serves as the powerful portfolio-level “container” for both Fortezza’s ACCLAIM framework, and Speed4Project’s very similar “Reliable Scrum” approach. While I am the lead author of this new book, Wolfram and Hilbert have been wonderful mentors and co-authors—giants upon whose shoulders I try to stand.

Stay tuned for release announcements on Amazon, in hard-cover, paperback, and Kindle versions!

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