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Below is just a sampling of direct quotes from Fortezza Consulting customers. While we prefer not to name names for privacy reasons, all customers quoted below have agreed to serve as references, so we’d be happy to put you in touch with any of them.

“What you have done to help change things around here is amazing….Thanks for your great work.” — CIO, large public sector organization

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am personally with the progress made to date….You guys are on the cutting edge.” — Executive stakeholder, $125M IT project portfolio

“Thanks to your innovative, practical techniques and effective coaching, we were able to achieve truly remarkable performance improvements.  On top of that, your advice and counsel proved invaluable as we worked through some daunting organizational challenges.”  —Executive stakeholder, large public-sector IT organization

“Within a month, Fortezza helped us double productivity across the entire team, and we have lots more ideas for how we might double it again.” — Manager of 40 software developers

“Some of my senior top performers are getting a week’s worth of work done in less than a day…incredible!” — Manager of 15 software developers

“My team is so much happier and more productive now, that many of them have told me that if we go back to the way we used to work, they’ll quit.” — CIO, 700-person IT organization

“Best full-day training class I’ve ever attended—I can’t wait to try out the innovative techniques with my team.” — PMO Director, mid-sized non-profit organization