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STAND FIRM Vol I, Issue 2




Achieve Breakthroughs in IT Project Portfolio Performance
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Free Book, or Free Workshop, for Supporting a Great Cause

Now in Paperback! The CIO’s Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance

The 5 Biggest Myths in the Agile vs. Critical Chain Debate

Upcoming Events

Now in Paperback!

Click hereto check it out. The paperback version is available on Amazon for $14.95, and purchasing it also entitles you to a FREE Kindle eBook copy! The hardcover version should be available in the next week or so.

Upcoming Events

September 26

CEO Mike Hannan presents “The Best of Both Worlds: Achieving Breakthrough Performance on Hybrid Agile/Traditional Project Portfolios,” at the PMI Washington DC Chapter’s Annual Symposium, JW Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC.

October 15

Mike Hannan presents “Agile Governance” at the PMI Montgomery County Chapter’s Annual Symposium, The Universities at Shady Grove, Rockville, MD.

November 11

Mike Hannan and Laura Barnard of PMO Strategies co-instruct all-day course on “7 Techniques That All High-Performing PMOs Must Master,” at The Universities at Shady Grove (7 PDUs). Registration details forthcoming!

November 13

Mike Hannan to present “Breakthrough Portfolio Performance: Managing a Mix of Agile and Non-Agile Projects” at the Agile Development Conference – East, Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL.

Free Book—or Free Workshop—for Supporting a Great Cause

For any company or individual donating $20 or more to support the 2015 Project Management Day of Service, Fortezza Consulting will reward your generosity with a free copy of our new book, The CIO’s Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance. And for any company sponsoring the event at $5,000 or higher, Fortezza Consulting is offering a free full-day workshop on its ACCLAIM approach for achieving breakthrough IT project portfolio performance (a $5,000 value). We’ll also throw in free books for all workshop participants!

The Project Management Day of Service (PM-DoS) is an unprecedented event, pairing hundreds of PM pro-bono volunteers with participating charities and other non-profits seeking professional support scoping and planning their most mission-critical projects. Fortezza Consulting is proud to be both a Founding Sponsor of the event, and the exclusive “Scholarships & Higher Education” sponsor, with CEO Mike Hannan also serving in an active leadership role on the PM-DoS PMO.

For details about the event, check out www.PMDoS.net, with donation and sponsorship information here. To get your free book, just send us an email (Info@FortezzaConsulting.com) with “I support the PM Day of Service!” as the subject line. Then just tell us whether you prefer hardcover or paperback, and we’ll get an author-signed copy right out to you!  If you prefer the Kindle eBook version, we can get that to you at no charge as well (there are a few options here that we can walk you through).


The 5 Biggest Myths in the Agile vs. Critical Chain Debate

Both Agile and Critical Chain are proven as effective techniques for improving the speed and reliability of projects—and for doing so dramatically in some cases. Each uses a very different language and somewhat different methods, however, so it’s easy to view them as conflicting vs. complementary. After all, Agile’s use of athletic terms like sprints, scrum teams, and of course agility all sound like attractive characteristics to have on our projects; throw in a few more serious-sounding terms like backlogs, burndown charts, story points, and sprint retrospectives, and the impression of “professional athleticism” might quickly establish itself in our minds.


[Click here for the full article on the Fortezza blog.]

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