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“30-30” Guarantee

*** Quite simply, we guarantee a 30-percent speed improvement in 30 days or less. ***


Using our “Focus & Flow Method,” which is a key component of Fortezza Consulting’s ACCLAIM Framework, we guarantee that your team of 5 to 30 people will improve its throughput of task completions by 30 percent within 30 days. We’re that confident in our ability to help any team achieve dramatic gains. And if your team is larger than 30 folks, we’re still happy to help—we’ve helped organizations as big as 5,000—it just means that we would likely need to tailor an approach a good bit more than for the smaller-sized teams, and adjust the guarantee and associated pricing accordingly.

What happens if your team doesn’t hit the 30 percent speed improvement within 30 days? It hasn’t happened yet, but if it does happen, you have two options:

1. Have us keep working at no additional cost to you until the 30-percent speed improvement is achieved.


2. Keep your final payment, and we agree to part ways.

We require a non-refundable 50-percent payment upfront, and a final payment of 50 percent only after the 30-percent speed improvement is achieved. We both put some skin in the game, while your organization gets to reap most of the value—just think how much you’ll be saving by avoiding hiring 30 percent more staff. If your organization is like most, such a hiring binge isn’t even a realistic option.

We offer two simple, affordable, flat-fee pricing options, depending on your level of urgency:

1. The “No Time to Lose” Option—if you’re ready to start right away, we can usually meet that level of urgency and kick things off within one week. The price for this is $40K, and includes any travel that may be required.

2. The “We’re OK Starting Anytime in the Next Couple Months” Option—if the urgency isn’t immediate, or you simply need some time to ensure your team is ready to start, we can usually schedule a kickoff within one month, and nearly always within two months. The price for this is $30K.

Please note that this offer is subject to determination of fit, and that some conditions apply. For additional details, check out our FAQs page for this offer, or simply schedule a no-cost appointment with us at your convenience—you can see available times and set up that appointment right now by going to our scheduling page.